Favourite Furniture Fridays: The Peak of Tres Chic

Hi there!  My name is Sam and I blog over at The Peak of Très Chic.  I am so honored to be here today posting on Tiffany's lovely blog for Furniture Friday!  I adore furniture and decor, after all, that's the reason I chose to be in the interior design industry.  I would describe my style as a mesh between classic and modern glamour.  The piece of furniture I wanted to highlight today is my bedside table:
I adore this table because it has an old world feel and a pretty painted finish that is juxtaposed with mirrored drawers.  I found it at a local antique store, and when I spotted it I just knew I had to have it!  I am constantly rearranging the vignette displayed on it.  Recently, I took a favorite page from a coffee table book I have called The Allure of Women and framed it in a simple black frame.  Then, I placed the picture on top of Glamorous Rooms to give the vignette a feminine feel:
I love walking in to my room and seeing this piece.  I hope you like it, too!
Thanks for having me over, Tiffany.  XOXO, Sam

Isn't this piece of Sam's so gorgeous and unique? I don't think I've seen anything similar to it before! What a great find. Antiquing wins again :) Thank you so much for sharing Sam!
Also guys, you NEED to check out Sam's blog. It's one of my daily reads.