Green and Wicked

The day I've been waiting for is almost here at last. On Saturday, I'm going to be seeing the Broadway hit musical 'Wicked'. Tickets weren't cheap and sold out fast but my friend Melanie, Caitlin and I got our hands on some!

In honour of the Musical, which takes place in Oz, I'm sharing with you a favourite space with hits of the colour of the Emerald City:

All images via HGTV
This space was designed by Sarah Richardson and aired on season 2 of Sarah 101.
To say I'm green with envy is an understatement! Can you believe that green leopard print?

Just for a little fun, here is an old (2008) and embarrassing photo of Mel, Cait and I in our 42nd Street costumes, which we performed on the very same stage where the talented performers of Wicked will be performing on Saturday! I'm in the lighter blue, if you couldn't tell.