Style from the Crypt Keeper

Do you all remember the "to be or not to be" scene in Hamlet where he holds up the skull? Well, apparently the guy knew a thing or two about sick accessories because, people, skulls are in!
When I first heard about this trend, I'll admit I was beyond skeptical ("Skulls? Ew creepy").
BUT THEN I started to see the trend, and the mind inside my own skull was quickly changed.
via Camille Styles
via The Aestate
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via Emily Henderson
The key to getting this trend right is to remember that a skull is edgy (and a little dark), so be sure to contrast that with girlier, softer pieces. The pink chair in the first image and the floral wallpaper in the last image are perfect examples of this. Think lace, flowers, the colour pink, etc.

Now I just gotta wait for the Halloween decorations to hit the dollar store so I can gold leaf my own!
I picture it on my little bar cart with a folded card that says "Pick your Poison" beside all the alchy. I'm clever like that.

Are you a fan of this trend? I'd imagine it's probably not for everyone.
But I'm really grave diggin' it. I feel it in my bones. It's to die for (and many other cheesy skeletal puns).