DIY: Touch of Gold Picture Frame

I wanted to frame my ultra glamorous print of Audrey Hepburn that my mom got from a vendor in NYC, but I wasn't sure what colour of frame to use since the print came with a black matte.
I thought white would be too stark of a contrast and take away from the picture, but black might be too basic.
In the end, I went with a plain black Ribba frame, to which I added a gold band on the inner part of the frame.

I love the result, and it was super easy:

1) The Supplies:
Picture Frame (I used Ribba) / Piece of art / Painters tape / Krylon 18kt Gold Leaf Pen

2) Pop the guts (glass, matte, backing etc.) out of the frame, leaving the frame only.
Carefully cover the face of the frame with painter's tape, making sure the edge is straight and clean.

3) Using the gold leaf pen, colour in the inside edge of the frame

4) Allow the paint to dry for about ten minutes

5) Peel  the tape off slowly, frame your art and enjoy!
The result is fantastically subtle. From straight on, the frame looks all black, but viewed from an angle, the touch of gold adds the perfect amount of sparkle.
all photos via Tiffany Leigh Interior Design

A super quick and easy project! What do you think?