Wednesday's Sketchbook: Dog Art

via Design Manifest and Courtney Apple Photography
 Please don't hate me, but I'm definitely more of a cat person. This is half out of loyalty to my beloved cat, Smokey, and half out of my fear of big dogs and the fact that their noses often find, you know, le crotch.
That being said, I'm absolutely in love with my bf's golden retriever Molson.
 Annnnd me and the man sometimes discuss getting a puppy together in the future. We both want a Boston Terrier ever since seeing the adorable one chilling on the boat in an episode of Swamp people. Seriously guys I can't make this stuff up.
 ^Here he is with his swampy owner.

We've even got the name of our imaginary future pup picked out...but I'll never tell!
Anyways, for now I've painted up a little Boston to keep me company...don't tell Smokey.

If and when we eventually get the real little brute, I will def pull a Naomi of Design Manifest and blow up large pictures of my handsome pet to frame like art. Is it just me, or do dogs look more sophisticated as an art subject than a cat would?
via Design Manifest and Courtney Apple Photography
  Her little pug is the perfect model! I think the key is the black and white photography.
Are you a cat or a dog person?