In My Closet..

 This weekend I got busy organizing my closet. I don't know how I got so lucky to find a room with a closet this big in Toronto, but I'm so glad that I did! This is really my only storage space, so it's kind of a catch all. All it needs is a crystal chandy and a louis ghost chair and it would be my dream space!
I have three types of shoe storage. Most of my heels and fancier shoes are in the vertical hanging storage because the heels fall through the metal shelves on the shoe rack. I feel like I should have put more glamorous shoes on the shelf for this shot..but hey this is the way I live. And I mean, my dirty steel-toed work shoes are pretty sexy. My taller boots sit on the floor and are kept upright by rolling old magazines and sticking them inside!
^A look at the upper shelves. From left to right you see a peek of cleaning supplies, my sweats, silver basket holding belts, wicker basket with towels, weekend tote, rattan basket with handbags and clutches, and my hats. The rod on this side of the closet holds my outerwear jackets as well as my blazers.
The final side of my closet is definitely the least glam. My laundry hamper, mini fridge, pink drawer unit which holds my midnight snacks, and a mop. While this is my own space, I do share a kitchen with five other girls, so I like to keep some stuff in a fridge up here. This is what I mean by a multi purpose space!

All of my other clothes (tees, tanks, jean, pjs, etc.) are in my dresser located just outside of my closet door:

Just for fun (because I love you guys) I'll show you a BEFORE shot of the closet, when it was still a bit of a mess:
 You can see how desperately I needed that shoe rack.

And there you have it. It's probably the biggest closet I will ever have in my life since I plan on buying a tiny little fixer upper in Toronto one day. Gotta enjoy it while I can ladies!