Seeing {Dalmation} Spots - Interiors Edition

Hi loves!
As you all know from yesterday's post on my recent purchases, I am now the proud owner of this dress from H&M (which I can't seem to find on the site anymore, but can assure you is still on the shelves!):
I've been seeing dalmatian spots a lot in fashion lately - on loafers, peplums and even pants.
But, darlings, we know that fashion and interiors are like a couple of besties who share a closet.
What one does, the other is sure to be doing.

Case and Point:
Tiffany Richey via La Dolce Vita
^We've all seen it, we all love it. Endlessly.
After purchasing my dress, I almost returned it thinking 'Can I really pull off a full dress of dalmatian spots?' But then I remembered the fabulousness of this ENTIRE ROOM done in a wallpaper of the print and decided that yes, yes I can.

Caitlin Wilson via Design*Sponge
^ Next, we all drooled when we saw Caitlin Wilson's kitchen on Design*Sponge featuring these gorgeous dalmatian print chairs. Then we all gasped when we realized that they were $50 IKEA chairs done up with a Sharpie marker! You can read the more detailed post about this on LGN.

via Inside-Out Design
^ I also can't get enough of Brooke's DIY spotted lamp shade!
Ohhh the possibilities are endless. A tray, a vase, dishware, the list of DIY possibilities goes on and on.

design crisis via Small Shop
^If you are not much of a DIYer, you can always buy the fabric. I love this dalmatian upholstered tub chair. It's perfect for a kid's room!

Such a fun pattern! Maybe Cruella Da Ville knew a thing or two... but then again, her hair style suggests that she probably didn't. And I mean, lets go faux (or Sharpie) with this one folks. No skinning puppies please. Evil Cruella could have saved herself a whole lot of jail time if she's been as DIY savvy as some of these ladies!