DIY Ribbon and Linen Pinboard

Inspired by this image...
Yes that's right, inspired by an inspiration board...
by a pinboard I found on Pinterest.
Obviously I'm still collecting lovely things to add to my board, but the base looks pretty close!

-Large Cork Board
-5/8'' White Gros Grain Ribbon (here)
-1 Yard of Neutral Linen (here)
-Cotton Batting
-Regular Stapler
-Staple Gun
-White out Pen
-Glue Gun
We know that linen pinboards can cost a this $200 one from Pottery Barn.
This one comes up at around $40, a great price I think!

Here are the steps (and poor quality photos..)
1. Cover the cork side of your board with spray adhesive.

 2. Apply a thin layer of cotton batting.

3.  Lay your linen out face down on a smooth flat surface and place your board cotton side down on top. Cut to size, leaving extra around the edges (Sorry about this blurry picture!).

4. Begin to staple (I used a regular stapler) your fabric to the back of the board. Begin in the middle of each side and work your way out to the corners. Fold the corners as neatly as possible!

5. Time to add ribbon! This part takes a bit of playing around to get the angles and measurements right.  Once you've got it laid out, staple the ribbon in place on the back side.

6. To slightly tuft the board, add a staple using the staple gun in the middle of each x of ribbon.
 (I started with upholstery tacks but they kept popping out, the staple gun worked much better. Also, use the white out pen to cover the staples so they blend with the ribbon better).

6. Add buttons of your choosing using a glue gun! (I used pink and white like the inspiration picture)

7. Hang and Enjoy!
 ^My fave buttons are these adorable little hearts!