Favourite Furniture Fridays: Five Kinds of Happy

Hello Tiffany Leigh fans!
I'm Amy from Five Kinds of Happy and I'm here today sharing my favourite piece of furniture. I had to debate whether a mirror counts as a piece of furniture, but Tiffany assures me that for this series, it does ;) 

When we first moved into this house early this year I bought the mirror (second-hand) to go over the mantel, but what do you know, the thing was so heavy it ended up here on the hearth instead, and here it stayed...

It really grounds the whole room and adds so much interest to the fireplace, which is the focal point of the living room and can be seen from the front door. Plus it visually extends the room and tricks your eye into thinking there is more floorspace than there actually is.

It's a sweet spot for some mood lighting and, bonus: it hides the empty old fireplace with all it's not-so-pretty sootiness.

Mirrors are such an important part of decor, in my opinion, because they can do so much with the light and spacial aspects of any room. The only reason I don't have one on every wall is because I secretly fear people thinking I'm too vain. ;)

Anyone else got a thing for mirrors?

Thank you so much for having me here Tiffany! I love this blog series - it's so interesting getting a peek into other people's creative homes. 

 Although 'technically' more of an accessory, Amy's mirror is too pretty not to share, so when she asked if it passed, of course I said yes! I just love the way it spruces up the fire place. Check out the before pics here. Thanks for sharing Amy!
ps. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American followers! I hope your weekend is full of great time and gratefulness.