Feeling Blessed in the City

Yesterday, I ventured downtown via subway to check out the Art Gallery of Ontario with two of my classmates. We have an architectural analysis project in which we are required to visit a building in the city, experience it, sketch it, and photograph it. We chose the AGO for its stunning addition by Toronto-born architect Frank Gehry.
The Galleria Italia was most impressive:
If you guys are ever in the Toronto area, I highly recommend it! It's so exciting to have such a vibrant and creative community at my doorstep.
How lucky am I that one member of my group is an amazingly talented professional photographer?

Also, how lucky am I that the same classmate made the amazing gesture of an early Christmas present?:
Such a nice, sweet surprise. I am so grateful to have a friend like him in the big city where I'm away from my family and it's easy to occasionally feel alienated.

Lastly, how lucky am I that I found a permanent part time job here already?!
The past few weeks I've just been doing some 'temp' positions.
 But now, I will be working at a 'big box' store as a flooring and decor sales associate.
Supporting myself throughout my education has always been a commitment of mine. I made it through one degree debt free with my own hard work. Here's hoping I can do it again!

The answer to my questions, SUPER lucky. I am so happy that God is blessing my life in so many little ways recently.
How have you been blessed lately?