Green Leopard

Alright alright, I know what you're thinking. Green lep? Really? But trust me my friends.
Remember when I posted this amazing living room designed by Sarah Richardson:
Well, needless to say I'm still obsessed. You just don't tire of a room that gorgeous and classic. And what, may I ask, do you  spot on that couch? GREEN LEOPARD of course. It's amazing, but sadly any time I've hunted for green leopard print I've only found some tacky-tack neon lime number.
Enter this most gorgeous pillow by Arianna Belle's etsy shop:
via Arianna Belle

The moss and aqua combo is perfection. While it's not an exact match to Sarah's pillows, I think it's a great alternative!
UPDATE: I have the most amazing followers. Elizabeth of The Little Black Door just alerted me to another even closer match to the fabric Sarah uses:
via House Beautiful
Goodness the blogging community is an amazing resource. Thanks so much Elizabeth!
Hope you are all having a great week.