Biking in the Snow

Sometimes, pursuing dreams isn't the glamorous thing we make it out to be. Moving to Toronto for me means a very tight budget and giving up my access to a vehicle. Luckily, Toronto has great public transit, but a monthly pass is still over $100 a month. My solution has been to bike.
At first, I found biking very difficult, as I hadn't ridden my bicycle since I was a young girl. Over time, I have come to love it! Even when it is cold out. But let's face it, I don't look like this:
Or this:
Or even this:
I wish.
My school is about a 12 minute bike ride away and my job is about 20 minute ride. Often, I'm biking after dark and in windy and cold conditions and I end up looking more dorky than glam. My safety is important to me and this means making sure cars can see me. For Christmas, my parents bought me one of these:
And you can bet your bottom dollar I rock it! Along with a hat, scarf up to my eyeballs, mittens, a helmet, and blinking lights on my backpack. That's real life for you guys.
To date, biking has saved me over $500 since September! Not to mention its great exercise.
Do you guys ride your bike?