Emerald Green: With Pink and Gold

We all know that Emerald Green is the 'it' colour for 2013, as named by Pantone.
I heard recently that the most common partner for this hue is blue, which totally makes sense. Sapphire and Emerald together create a regal and rich palette.

My favourite pairing for Emerald, however, is pink and gold.
Here is a mood board to show you how well this combo works:
Because red is green's compliment on the colour wheel, and pink is a tint of red, this totally works!

Erika used this colour scheme in creating her pinboard, and it looks great!:
via Small Shop Studio
 I'm channeling it in my own place with the addition of my new Kelly Wearstler Trellis Pillow in Emerald Green!!:
What do you think of this unexpected combo?