New Term

This week I started my second term of design school.
Tuesday and Wednesdays are long days, with 8 hours of straight class. Luckily, time flies when you're having fun! Here are the classes that I'm taking:

1. Visual Communications
I'm so excited to learn the proper drawing techniques with my Prismacolor markers, pencil crayons and pastels! This will include material rendering, such as drawing hardwood, marble, glass, metal, etc.
This course will also teach us how to do perspective drawings, which I'm very excited about. Hopefully one day my drawings will be as good as Candice Olson's..who is quite amazing at rendering techniques:
2. Textiles
I'm also looking forward to learning more about the different kinds of fabrics and textiles in my Textile class. I think textiles are what really make the design and add personality to the space, so this will be a fun class!

3. Design Studio 1
In this class, we will be designing a condo for the entire term. I'm really excited to work on the same space for three months!

4. Art History 1
I absolutely adore art history! I took several art history electives during my time at the University of Guelph and fell in love. Art History 1 looks way back, to the earliest forms of art known to civilization. Pretty cool.
5. Drafting Standards
Another manual drafting class, a continuation of intro to drafting that I took in term 1.
It's going to be a great term...I can feel it! xo