A Copper Tub

Last week I dished about gold hardware, and this week, copper tubs!
I thought that the IKEA really knocked their booth at IDS Toronto last weekend out of the park. Take a look:
via IKEA Canada on Pinterest
via Sweetsuite 10
  I mean, gorgeous right? While the tub is not available at IKEA (its vintage!), most of the styling and accessory pieces are - proving that you can mix high-end show stopping glamour with affordable design.
Here is some more coppery goodness to inspire you:
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
I know I will never live in a house with the style suiting a copper tub, because honestly it's a little more formal than I am on an every day basis. But it sure is fun to look at, and drool over.
For the right client, it'd be a perfect showstopper. And the shape of these tubs? YES PLEASE.
Could you see a copper tub in your own home?
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