Ceramic Birdies.

Recently, the hilarious Lindsay of Sadie + Stella did a post on her love of Staffordshire Dogs, you know, those chic little ceramic pooch figurines that have been popping up in interior design?

While I love the ceramic dogs, I have a different figurine on my lust list:
A ceramic Parrot/Bird figurine!
Honestly they are too good:
via Style at Home
via Style at Home
via Style at Home
via Style at Home Magazine, March 2013
 The first three images are from Christine Dovey's home, which I continue to drool over on a daily basis. The final image from the apartment of Megan Close!
True story, when I was young I had a pet budgie bird named Mikey.
There is a picture of us together where he seems to be attempting to nibble my eye out. Heartwarming moment....it's at my parents house but I'll share it soon.

What ceramic pet would YOU choose?