Designing the Stangest Condo Ever

For my Design Studio class this term, we have been working on a condo with one of the strangest layouts imaginable...I guess they didn't want to make it easy on us!
Just look at the sectional elevations and how weirdly each level stacks up on top of one another:
Not to mention the super high ceilings on the third floor. Usually, I'm all about high ceilings, but a 30 foot ceiling in a small washroom is a bit of a strange set up...think 'beam me up' type of vibe. It's something I'm going to have to find a creative solution for, but I've got an idea up my sleeve!

The stairs were also a bit of a nightmare. Any time I tried to put the stairs anywhere, a big cement post would get in the way on another level, or the landing wouldn't reach high enough and there would be a floating door, etc. I had a couple of late night sorting those out but I actually love where they ended up, so it was worth it. Here are some quick shots of the floor plans penciled in:
I'll share the aesthetic direction of the condo soon, it's pretty exciting. The client is based loosely on the needs and desires of my fabulous cousin Alicia and her husband Mike. They aren't afraid of colour, which makes it especially fun.
 Oh, and if you're wondering how I draft in my tiny studio apartment, I pretty much clear off my entire desk to make room for my drafting board, like this: