Wallpaper Weigh In & Guest Post on Bijou and Boheme

I'm beginning this post with some exciting news....a nursery moodboard that I created is being featured on the fabulous Christine's blog Bijou and Boheme today! Please be sure to check it out.
If you saw this post, you already know I'm a huge fan of Christine and her gorgeous blushy home!

I spent yesterday scouring the sample room at my school to find the perfect wallpaper for the condo's powder room and potentially the foyer. I knew I wanted something dark, moody and potentially with an air of chinoiserie. This is what I found and I'm pretty obsessed and shocked because usually the sample room is pretty picked over. What do you think?:

I love how it looks painted, and it sort of reminds me of Nina Campbell's Parroquet, but all grown up:

 In the foyer I would probably just frame a large piece to go on top of the teak credenza, like this:

And in the powder room (because it is small and you don't spend a tonne of time in there so it's the place to really go balls out) I would do the entire thing:
For those of you wanting a source, the wallpaper is 'Augustine' by Thibaut.
Time to weigh in ladies!
And if you need to catch up on the condo project, you can check it out here and here!