Framed Butterflies: Love or Hate

Way back in November I talked about how much I adored this space that Ray Staples designed in the 80s because it truly stood the test of time:
via Style at Home
 One of the other (many) reasons why I love it is the gorgeous butterfly taxidermy art hanging above the sofa.
I also love this picture from Lonny (as spied on A Storied Style's post about her butterfly find at Home Goods):
via Lonny
Grace had good luck at Home Goods, and I had good luck here at Home Sense (which is the Canadian equivalent...same company!) where I scored this beautiful piece:
And at this price, I was more than happy to get it (knowing that real framed butterflies are often expensive). Now I just need to find the perfect spot for it!

I didn't realize at the time of my purchase, however, that there is a bit of controversy over butterfly taxidermy. I was looking for some inspiration and stumbled across a post about framed butterflies on Little Green Notebook. Some of the comments cited the practice as creepy and/or cruel. I was actually surprised by the negative reactions.
I was wondering where you guys sit on the debate. 
I still love it. Butterflies do not live very long (I have heard an average of 2 weeks) and so I think that this is a great way to preserve and enjoy their natural beauty for years. Also, there are many butterfly farms that collect butterflies that have died of natural causes for this purpose. And to be honest, I would feel like a bit of a hypocrite if I said I disapproved because I sit on leather couches and I eat meat and I have killed a spider or two. 
So what do you think...Love or Hate?
And as always, be nice! xox