Dreaming of a Lake House

Growing up, my family often rented a cottage on the lake. Nothing beats the feeling of cottaging.
I love everything it entails: the great outdoors, campfires, boating, canoeing, jumping off the dock, and even fishing.
Yes, this girly girl loves fishing. I even bait my own hook. But I'm more of a catch and release kind of girl.

A question I always ask when I'm getting to know someone is: Would you rather own a lake house or an ocean front property? I heard some one ask this on a tv show once and I found it intriguing.
 For me, it's Lake House all the way.
It's always been a dream of mine to have a family cottage when I'm older. A place where my parents, brothers, and the families we create can all get together to relax and kick back. Now that the weather is getting nice I can't stop thinking about escaping to a pretty retreat like these:
via Style at Home
via Pinterest
Tell me, would you rather have a lake house or a beach front property?

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