My First Bloggy Date

Yesterday was a great day. I met a blogging friend in real life for the first time! It was so lovely to meet up with Laura of Gracefully Searching for lunch downtown Toronto. We'd been planning to meet for awhile, and she was even sweeter in person than I could have imagined.  
 ^Our lunch spread. Delicious!

Before this meet up, I had never actually met anybody in 'real life' who blogs, so it was so refreshing to sit down and be able to talk openly and honestly about both the frustrations and joys of blogging to someone who gets it.
And I completely trust her opinion because well...just look at her space!:
 I mean between the white walls, bamboo chairs and foo dogs, I could just move right in. I can see the start of a long term friendship, and that makes me so happy.
Go check out her blog here and show her some lovin!

Have you ever met up with any blogging friends?