Girly Art

 Hi Loves! I'm back. I wanted to thank you all for your kind words of support last week and for understanding my break from the blogging world. I still don't feel 100% myself, but I can't put the world and the things I love on hold forever. Oh, how I missed you all! Now back to the pretty stuff...

I have a thing for girly art. Living in my own studio apartment (bachelorette pad as I like to call it) has really allowed me  to decorate in a way that I might not always be able to when I need to compromise with a live-in situation. Right now my Chanel prints from I See Noise are the epitome of feminine glamour. Sometimes I think about adding a third bottle to the collection (I know you've all heard of the power of three! I love this one from MadeByGirl:
via Made by Girl
I have also been toying with the idea of moving the perfume bottles to another area and painting something large and abstract and pink to hang over the sofa....decisions decisions.

And of course, I can't do a post on girl art and not include Jessica's lips print. It has been popping up everywhere. The girl is literally killed it with this one!:
via Rue Daily
via Small Shop
I want to add the lips print (and probably the OUI print too because how can you not?!) to a gallery wall I am planning around my TV. Audrey is feeling a little bit lonely....
SO happy to be back ladies!
And HAPPY (belated) CANADA DAY to all my fellow Canadian bloggers. xox