I Heart New York

Now, more than ever, I feel New York city calling my name. No - literally. That's right, my little ol' blog's name went up in lights in the big city last week, thanks to my partnership with Baby Cafe and an amazing giveaway I am helping to host (click here for details and stay tuned for more on Wednesday).
More specifically, an ad featuring my blog logo is up on the famous Reuter's sign, a 7,400 square foot digital billboard. It's pretty crazy.
 You can see my logo in the lower right hand corner!
I am feeling so blessed!
Ahhh, New York - I know we haven't met yet, but I adore you.
via yestefindeque
Congrats to all my other ladies, Beth, Elizabeth, Elisa and Heather for being up there with me! Couldn't have picked a better bunch!