Just popping in today to share a glimpse into my daily life via my instagram feed.
Are you all on Instagram? I was pretty late to the game but it has quickly become my favourite form of social media. It's so fun to see what you are all up to each day.
If you don't have Instagram...well, it's time loves, it's time. But in the meantime you can catch up here.
 ^My new prints came from The Aestate, including the original watercolor of the Yves St. Laurent leopard loafers. Couldn't be more excited! The gallery wall is coming along..
^Some additional art I've been gathering. Loving the little oil landscape I scored at the flea market recently. See more info on my butterfly taxidermy here.
^Got a huge bag of my favourite candy! What is your favourite?
 ^ Working on rendering leather in class this term
^One of my fave dresses from BCBG
^My best Olsen twin impression, wearing my mom's vintage sunnies circa 1970s
^Spent the day at the Blue Jay game with my brother and his gf on Sunday. A perfect day in my perfect city <3
 ^Couldn't be more pleased with my sandals from Marsha's Closet (or the wonderful customer service...thanks again for shipping to Canada guys!).

So come on now! Let's be instafriends so I can snoop your life too!