Currently Learning: Sketch-Up

This term we are finally learning to use Google Sketch-Up! I am so in love, even though I'm just a newbie. I would describe it as Sims for adults. Let's be real - even as a child all I ever did on Sims was build and decorate the houses. Anyone else? Basically this has been consuming all of my time this week so I thought I would share my progress with you guys. This term my studio project is retail design, and I'm designing a clothing retail shop including designing all of the branding. I called my line 'Mint' and am bringing it together in 3D! Here are some 'work in progress' shots:

My favourite touch has got to be the mint candy wallpaper that I custom designed for the store.
The 'i' on my logo is dotted with the same candy. So presh!
Do any of you use Google Sketch-Up?
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