Kitchens: Black, White and Gold

My biggest concern for the 'piano mansion' project that I'm working on is keeping it from being tacky or overt. I think with design there is power in subtlety and although the exterior is going to have a curvature and pitched roof recalling the shape of the piano, it will NOT be black and white. I'm thinking it will probably be grey brick but I'm still experimenting...any thoughts? I've also broadened my concept to the elegant and powerful experience of a concert hall in a larger sense. But I still want to pay homage to ebony and ivory keys through some of the interior finishes. This led me on a hunt for black and white kitchens. Add in some brass (think the orchestra) and we are really cooking.
via Betty Lou Phillips

via Betty Lou Phillips
Ali Cayne's Kitchen via Domino Mag
I heaven or what? There's so much drama, yet so much traditionalism, in both of these spaces. And don't even get me started on the copper cookware. My parents have a set of copper measuring cups hanging on our kitchen wall and I've always loved them...imagine a whole pots and pans set!