An Arrangement to Admire: A Desk Behind a Sofa

So, about once every 3 months I get the urge to leave my current living situation. I love the set up of my tiny bachelorette, but it means sharing a building and kitchen with 5 other girls...which can get much messier than I can handle. The reality is the price is right and my personal apartment portion (livingroom/bedroom/office area with large bathroom and walk-in closet) is lovely. I probably will not move until I graduate from Interior Design school, but right now, I've got the itch bad. Probably has something to do with the large pile of dishes in the sink that I'm waiting for the culprit to wash.

 When I start day dreaming about this new hypothetical apartment (where the kitchen is all mine), I know it will most likely have to be a one bedroom (or another studio style space) due to cost. Where am I going to put my necessary desk area? The answer I favour the most lately is putting it behind the couch.
For now I invite you all to day dream a bit about this set up with me:
Joe Nye via House Beautiful
^ Can be used as an additional serving surface when guests are over!
via Emily Henderson
Loeffler Randall via Domino
via Source42
Jess Lively via Pretty Fluffy
Could be dangerous though...the TV would be in direct eye line! Self discipline at it's finest.
Happy week my loves!