Fun at Work: 5 Pretty and Practical Ways to add Style to your Desk

 So maybe you are stuck in a cubicle, or maybe your workspace at home is feeling a little lackluster. With all of us resolving to work harder this New Year, I thought it would be fun to give a few pretty, yet practical, pointers for styling your desk, no matter how much room you've got. The bonus? None of these suggestions will break the bank!

1. Acrylic Accessories: Make even the most mundane of office necessities sparkle and shine.
Katie Anderson via Glitter Guide
Danielle Moss via Apartment Therapy
2. Pretty Scissors: Cut out the boring and add in some glamour.
via the Everygirl
Stephanie Sterjovski via Glitter Guide
3. Motivational Print: Get a piece of art that speaks to your ambitious side and hang it by your workspace.
via SS. Print Shop
via the Everygirl
4. Idiom Pencils: Speaking of motivational quotes, why not make note taking more enjoyable with a quirky phrased pencil?
via Pinterest
via Kate Spade
5. A Cute Note Pad: Let's face it, nobody likes a daunting to-do list, but it somehow seems more manageable when written on adorable stationary.
via Ashley Brooke Designs
Now get to work! xo