Light my Fire: Pretty Matches

How ugly/always-out-of-fluid-when-you-need-them/ gives-the-impression-that-you-are-a-smoker are regular plain old BIC lighters. I mean, don't we deserve something a little more lovely to light up our deliciously scented candles? I think so. Enter pretty matchboxes and matchbooks. There is something so classic about a match, no?
via Katie Armour
source unknown
via Live Creating Yourself
via Design Darling
Well, I know I said I was going to buy less in the New Year, but I've had a little slip up. Jackie from York Avenue posted a picture of these matches and the price was right and I just couldn't resist. Jackie! I thought we were in this together!
Now they are mine, all mine. Well, I had to pre-order them, so soon they will be mine.
Get 'em at Waiting on Martha!