Valentine's Day Bar Cart & Heart Scewer DIY

As I've discussed before, I love being able to decorate my apartment as feminine as I want (like my gallery wall here). This bachelorette pad thing is something I try to take total advantage of because I know I won't be able to do it forever. This year, I'm feeling especially excited for Valentine's Day, and it shows! Over the weekend I added some fun, easy, lovey-dovey updates to my bar cart:

I made the little heart shaped straw toppers / drink skewers simply by cutting hearts out of construction paper and then gluing a toothpick in between 2 hearts. I think they are adorable! My XOXO pillow from Chapters Indigo (on major sale!) is also looking great with this theme! And I can't forget about my adorable 'Cherry on Top' cards by Ashley Brooke Designs. I had this one on my inspiration board and one day I opened it and found a hidden little love note from M. inside! He's so sweet.

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?