Curtained Canopy Beds

Last week, while rounding up inspiration images for my post on Chintz, I re-fell in love with Michelle Adam's curtained bed, covered in Pyne Hollyhock by Schumacher. Then I found myself daydreaming about curtained beds. I had always loved these as a kid and wished I had one. Recently, in my History of Furniture class I learned that curtained beds were popular beginning around the 14th century by the wealthy to help keep out coldness and drafts. Today, they are more about prettiness than warmth, and isn't there something so romantic about the idea of shutting the curtains around your bed on the world?
Michelle Adams via Lonny Mag, August 2012
Mark Sikes and Michael Griffin via Lonny
Veere Greeney via World of Interiors, October 2013
via Architectural Digest
Diane Von Furstenberg Paris Apartment via InStyle Magazin
How do you feel about curtained beds?