Red Walls: Yes or No?

As I look around my apartment, I realize I have absolutely no red in my space. I think red is tricky. I also think it can be fabulous (see this post about how Jenny of Little Green Notebook does tomato red so right), but I'll admit I'm intimidated by it.

Are you guys watching Nate Berkus's new show American Dream Builders? After Elaine's misstep with her red grass cloth walls, and Nate's declaration that he HATES red, although he has seen amazing red rooms, I decided to hunt down some red rooms that I think are done rather well. On this search I came across many horrible red rooms, but in the end, this round up proves that the bold risk of red, when done right, can really pay off.
Jamie Meares via High Gloss Magazine
Donald Robertson via Domino
Bibi Monnahan via Elle Decor
via Little Green Notebook
via Lonny
Cath Kidston via Lonny
Colour theory tells us that red is associated with richness, power, passion, energy, anger, love, and danger - to name a few. Red is clearly an intensely emotional colour, actually increasing the human metabolism (it can make us feel hungry!) and blood pressure.
Would you paint your walls red? I still don't think I would do it in my own home, but I am a fan of these examples.