Paris Collection by Anna With Love Photography

Every once in awhile, the blogging community presents you with an opportunity to get to know someone truly special. Anna (from Anna with Love Photography) is one of those people who I have been lucky enough to connect with. She has such a kind heart and so much talent.
Recently, Anna launched her Paris Collection, a set of fine art photography prints from her travels in Paris, France. I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous each and every photo is.
I picked out three for myself. You saw Oui Madame in my walk in closet, and I just finished framing and hanging my other two.

I wanted to frame them in a way that would feel really special. I was inspired by the blue hue of the Parisian rooftops and decided to pair it with gold. There is something quintessentially French about blue and gold together, as evidenced by this door photograph, part of the Paris Collection! I spraypainted the frames gold and hand painted the mattes blue. I got a quote to get this same look via custom framing and it was $300, DIYing it cost about $50 (not including prints). I am so pleased with the results!
I have switched up the art above my desk so many times, but now it finally feels right.
My office area is complete and I feel so happy every time I look at these photos. They will tide me over until I can actually make it to Paris myself one day!

I chose But First, Paris and Forever Frenched.
Check out the entire collection HERE.