Coffee Table Books Make the Best Gifts (to Give and Receive)

Raise your hand if you struggle to answer that age old question “What do you want for Christmas this year?”. 🙋


For me, I spent years worrying about how to answer this - I didn’t want to suggest something that was too pricey, I didn’t want to suggest something I wouldn’t actually use, I didn’t want to suggest something that would leave enough room for interpretation to end up with a decor item that doesn’t really reflect my style but that I would feel guilty not displaying.
For a long time, I went with the standard answer “You don’t need to get me anything!”, and I really meant it, but people LOVE to give (which is amazing!), especially during the holiday season, and rather than set them and myself up for any anxiety that I often feel with the gift giving/getting process, I started asking for coffee table books.

In my opinion, Coffee table books make some of the best gifts to both GIVE and RECEIVE. They are affordable (usually around $25-$50), they cover topics to suit any one’s tastes, they look great styled on a table or bookshelf, and they are beautiful to look at, flip through, and read.

Here are the Top 3 Coffee Table Books I’m coveting (and planning on gifting to my design savvy friends) this season, along with 3 classics I have had for years and still LOVE.

home body joanna gaines.jpg

Who doesn’t love a little shiplap in their lives? Home Body by Joanna Gaines was just released this week and is sure to be a best seller. If you are into that modern farmhouse look (and let’s face it, who isn’t into that these days) this is the book for you!

whiskey in a teacup.jpg

I’ll admit it, Whiskey in a Teacup makes the list because I’m a little bit infatuated with Reese Witherspoon. I had a chance to preview the book before it hit stands, and I must say, it is full of Southern charm, Southern recipes, and just a dash of Southern sass.

house that pinterest built.JPG

Okay, so The House that Pinterest Built was published in 2017, so I’m a bit behind, but I am still majorly coveting this book. Dominated by a scheme of black, white and natural wood, Diane’s home is textured, laid back, spacious and cool. If you are looking for a gift for your Pinterest crazy design loving friend/sister/wife/girlfriend/mom…this might just be it.

own and love.JPG

The Things That Matter is not only beautiful to look at, filled with the stunning homes of Nate’s clients, but it is also a poignant and heart touching read. I clung to every word, and even found myself in tears when Nate unexpectedly tells his story of the tsunami that took his partner from him and the way that event has manifested in the design of his own home. I find myself grabbing this book again and again when looking for new project inspiration.

the things that matter.JPG

Lauren Liess is one of my favourite designers, and Habitat is a curated collection of some of her most loved spaces. Working in a mostly neutral palette and a healthy dose of greenery with sudden injections of colour and whimsy, her style feels effortless, and her rooms are dotted with sophisticated art and beauty created through the perfect placement of everyday objects. I gobbled up every written word in this book as well, and have about 25 pages permanently sticky noted for quick reference.


Domino: The Book of Decorating and Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home are the books owned by every design and decor blogger. The covers are just too pretty to pass up (perfect for styling), and the content is so useful, as they are packed full of easy to understand and follow tips for every room of the house. Produced by the magazine we all know and love, these Domino Books will never not be a coffee table book lover staple.

It even comes in a set with both books!

domino book of decorating.JPG

If you guys have been following along on my instagram stories, you won’t be surprised that the number one novel I am recommending these days is A Little Life. I cried during this book from start to finish, to the point that I couldn’t read it in public (I finished the final chapters on a long plane ride and I think my fellow passengers thought I was crazy!). It is a stunning story about friendship, family, abuse, hardship, hurt, and most of all, love. I can’t say enough good things about this book - by far the best read I have had in a long, long time.


I know that this seasons can cause me some stress, and I hope that this guide helps to fill you with some great gift giving and getting ideas and ease that pressure just a little bit. After all, this is the time of year to spend with loved ones and feeling the most at peace.