An Arrangement to Admire: A Desk Behind a Sofa

So, about once every 3 months I get the urge to leave my current living situation. I love the set up of my tiny bachelorette, but it means sharing a building and kitchen with 5 other girls...which can get much messier than I can handle. The reality is the price is right and my personal apartment portion (livingroom/bedroom/office area with large bathroom and walk-in closet) is lovely. I probably will not move until I graduate from Interior Design school, but right now, I've got the itch bad. Probably has something to do with the large pile of dishes in the sink that I'm waiting for the culprit to wash.

 When I start day dreaming about this new hypothetical apartment (where the kitchen is all mine), I know it will most likely have to be a one bedroom (or another studio style space) due to cost. Where am I going to put my necessary desk area? The answer I favour the most lately is putting it behind the couch.
For now I invite you all to day dream a bit about this set up with me:
Joe Nye via House Beautiful
^ Can be used as an additional serving surface when guests are over!
via Emily Henderson
Loeffler Randall via Domino
via Source42
Jess Lively via Pretty Fluffy
Could be dangerous though...the TV would be in direct eye line! Self discipline at it's finest.
Happy week my loves!


My Office Space {in progress}

 So you might have heard me mention that my bedroom/living room also serves as my office space (and dressing area...but the closet is nowhere near presentable atm). Today, I thought I'd share with you the desk area as it is SO FAR. I am planning an amazing inspiration board but I've hit a delay on materials. Luckily I found an awesome etsy vendor who solved all my dilemmas, I just have to wait for the mail now, but more on that later.
The chair was a DIY I did before I blogged. It's covered in a navy and cream traditional toile.
The Calendar is a Barbie Fashion Calendar. Dug wayyyy back in the archives to find you this gem (my third post ever) on how this calendar can be used to make great art when the year is up. You should really check it out!
I love my lucite tray (HomeSense) which corrals all of my odds and ends.

If you're wondering where my desk sits in relation to the rest of the room, here:
 And yes I need some curtains, I know..I know.

When I'm not in bed blogging, I'm at the desk. Where do you blog?

Ikea Love

This weekend, I'm heading to Burlington to visit my dear friend Laura. And, of course, a trip to Burlington just wouldn't be complete without a trip to Ikea. The only thing I need are some inexpensive frames for the artwork I've been gathering for my new lease space.
That doesn't mean that I'm not lusting after everything in the store a few great pieces!
1. BARBAR tray, in pink and white. $6.99. Cute and preppy.
2. BESTA BURS desk, in high gloss white. $299.00. I posted about my love for this here.
3. EIVOR throw, in black and white. $29.99. I'm pretty sure I'll come home with this...
4. DOCKSTA dining table, in white. $229.00. This is my favourite dining table for small spaces EVER. I probably won't need a dining table for a few years, but I really want to buy this so I have it when the time comes. I've posted about this before too...see pics of this piece in stunning interiors here.
5. Grafted Cactus, (hopefully a bright coral one!). $9.99. I need a little life in my room!
6. ANGENAM bowl, dark brown and gold. $19.99. This color combo is so glam.
7. TOBIAS Chair, transparent and chrome. $89.00. Ummm...lucite. Speaks for itself.
What is your fave IKEA piece?


I am currently drooling over this desk from IKEA. It has my mind rolling with so many ideas.

The description says "A long table top makes it easy to create a workspace for two", but I thought, what about a space for ONE to do both work and beauty? It would cut down the need for two pieces of furniture in a smaller, studio style space. The high gloss white and slim leg design would make it visually light and airy.
Let me show you what I mean with a quick sketch (maybe this makes up for the lack of doodle yesterday):
A venetian mirror over one side, with a jar of makeup brushes and a tray of lipsticks.
A fabric covered inspiration board over the other side, with laptop and office supplies!
You could even mix up the seating for extra fun.
I've always wanted an extra long desk
like this:
 Or this:
 Or this:
Is there room for this in my student rental come October? Well, No...
Is that going to stop me? Let's just say I love a good design challenge so we will see!
ps. Only a few more days to enter to win my earrings giveaway! Get in on it while you still can ;)

Exams = Messy Desk

Exam time always means a messy desk. It usually is much more glamorous than this, but I posted these images in the hopes that you all will bear with the lack of posts for the next week. I'm in finals. My final week of finals of my final year of University. CRAZY. Almost graduated. I'll try to make some time for blogging though!
Tiffany Leigh

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope it's going lovely. I'm busy completing some Art History assignments, but got a little distracted by the release of the new issue of Lonny Magazine. Check it out NOW.
My favourite image was this gorgeous office of designer Amanda Nisbet (page 74). The lucite desk, the bright colours, the sparkle and the organization! Everything. Gimme it please!
xox Tiffany Leigh

Favourite Furniture Fridays: IKEA ALEX drawer unit with casters

{I'm beginning to think I should retitle this series 'Ikea' Furniture Fridays, I love so many of their items! But I like the title stays!}
Today the piece I'm featuring is the ALEX drawer unit with casters. Chances are you've seen this piece (and maybe didn't even realize it)!
^ This is actually my dream studio office space. The IKEA unit successfully seperates the desk into two distinct work stations:
One for designing, the other for sewing.

^ Here the castors have been removed and the units have been built into this giant island-style desk!
^Line them up!
^ Stack them up!
^ The IKEA catalogue does it right!

Do any of you have this piece? How do you like it?
xox Tiffany Leigh

Favourite Furniture Fridays: Glass Top Desk

I'm constantly on the look out for inspiration for my future creative studio/office space. One thing I've been spotting lately are desks with a raised glass top, so you can easily slide inspiration and notes between the desk top and the glass.
Stylish, and practical, it looks good from both sides so it can be in the middle of the room rather than up against the wall. Also, you can take the pieces you're using for a current project off of the chaotic inspiration board and have them readily in sight. Isn't it drool worthy? I was fully prepared to pine away until a recent trip to IKEA proved that I can actually afford this baby quite easily!
Table Top / Trestle with Shelf

 What do you think? Can you see yourself getting work done at this gorgeous desk? I sure can.
xox Tiffany Leigh

Prettiest Little Bedroom

Isn't this the prettiest little bedroom that you ever did see? So feminine and delicate. I love the incorporation of Pantone's colour of the year, Tangerine Tango, in such a temporary form, yet it still steals the show. The upholstery on the chair is perfect, the floral pillow on the setee compliments the desktop accessories so well, and don't even get me started on the tutu inspired chandelier! I could go on and on! Photography by Monic Richard for Style at Home Magazine.
Do you love it?
Tiffany Leigh