dream house alphabet

Dream House Alphabet: I

I is for Island
When I think of 'I' words for my future home, many words come to mind: Inviting, Inspiring..oh and ISLAND.
I'm pretty sure its safe to say that I'm not the only one who wants an island in their dream kitchen.
Extra prep space, extra storage space, and a whole lot of extra beauty.

This is my dream kitchen island:
via Rue
Stop drooling long enough for me to explain why I love it:

1. Carrara Marble is a MUST. 
The kitchen cousins broke my heart one episode when they said carrera marble in the kitchen isn't practical due to how easily it stains but pshh, not going to let it stop me! If it waterfalls like this, even better.

2. It is all one level.
I'm not a huge fan of when the part where people sit is bumped up...it seems less crisp and modern to me.

3. There is no stove top.
I'm fairly clumsy and accident prone so I wouldn't want a stove top on there. Also, I want a big fat industrial range and oven so it just wouldn't work.

   What would your "I" be? Do you have any picky island preferences like me? xo

Dream House Alphabet: H

H is for...Hardwood Floors (of course).
Okay, if budget was no option, I'd probably opt for hardwood floors laid in a herringbone pattern in my dream house. Herringbone Hardwood for the double win double H.
via Design*Sponge
Something about this look stops me every single time. 
via CocoCozy
source unknown

source unknown
 Is it too busy though? Too formal? Maybe.
More realistically, I'd love a house with some old, original hardwoods that I could refinish into perfection with character and charm (not me...the floors. I'm quite sure I'd tackle this project with something far from charm).

H was a pretty obvious choice for me. I feel like hardwood floors are on pretty much everyone's must have list these days, but there are so many options to choose from, including type of wood and finish. I like medium tones, like those pictured above. Medium tones are traditional, classic and timeless.

Light tones can really lighten up a space (duh), and are common in Scandinavian design. They work beautifully with darker toned furniture, you don't have to worry about matching!
source unknown

Dark Hardwoods (think espresso) are more modern and contemporary, but I've heard they show dust very easily. Does anyone have any input on that?

 What tone do you like best? And as always, I'd love to hear what your dream house 'H' is!

ps. I'm sorry about all of the unknown sources in this post, I've had some of them saved since before I was a blogger and thought to save the links! Do forgive me loves.

Dream House Alphabet: G

G is for: GUT JOB
Okay, the word gut is kinda icky....and so are the 'before' pics I'm about to show you.

To quote the brilliant Sarah Richardson:
"Ever dream of buying a house, gutting it, and rebuilding so it's perfectly you?"
Why Yes Sarah...yes I do.
As an aspiring designer, I can't imagine buying a house that has already been updated and renovated by someone else, because well, let's face it... tearing out those new granite counter tops the previous owner installed seems like a waste, but what I really want is some Carrera marble...You know what I'm saying?
Instead, give me something that looks like this:
Elana's Kitchen Before via Style Sheet
 No guilt tearing that baby out, believe me.
So, where does that leave me exactly? Buying an old rundown piece of  crap work, that's where.

Elana Safronsky, a blogger at HGTV's Style Sheet, is taking her mess of a house and gutting it to transform it into a little dream! She takes it from gut it to love it!
Elana's Baby Room Makeover via Style Sheet
Elana's Foyer Markover via Style Sheet
 Now there's a girl that gets me! Thank goodness for those 'Afters' or this would be one ugly post!
Basically, I just want a home that's perfectly me, and I think I need a fixer-upper to get it.
Do you guys think I'm nuts, or do you understand? This is MY dream house we are talking about after all.

Dream House Alphabet: F

F is For Farm House Sink

Remember in Dream House Alphabet E when I called the foyer an entry way to save my F for something special? Well this is it people. I LOVE the classic look of a farm house sink (also sometimes referred to as an apron front sink).
  ^ Designer Alice Lane proves that you don't have to go uber country with a farm house sink in this beautiful kitchen.
^ Okay, double farm house sinks? Pinch me, this is so gorgeous. I also love the faucet hardware in this image. Delicate and pretty!

Although these sinks can cost a pretty penny, IKEA comes through again with affordable options for us all: 

The double version pictured above retails for around $400, and the single for $250! Oh IKEA, where would we be without you? 

How do you feel about this style of sink? Too traditional or just right? What would your 'F' be?
xox Tiffany Leigh
 ps. Bring on the weekend baybayyyy!

Dream House Alphabet: E

E is for Entry 

Okay, I know that an entry is technically called a foyer, but I don't necessarily need a big huge formal foyer (and plus I've got a very special *must have* item reserved for the 'F' of this little series). All I would need is enough room for a little bench, maybe a cute umbrella stand, a mirror, and a little catch all for mail and keys, etc. I think that often, entries are overlooked in a typical home, but it's important to remember that this area is the FIRST impression (well...besides the exterior) that people get of your home. It should introduce them to what's to come!
Via Amber Interior Design
^Gasp, gulp, swoon! Just look at that piece of art! Now that, my friends, is what we like to call a good first impression. I'm adding fabulous art to my above list of what I need out of a foyer.

Via Little Green Notebook
 ^This colorful vignette in Jenny's home would make the perfect impact in an entry. It's chalked full of personality!

^ I love this idea of layering furniture for tight spaces like a foyer. So glamorous!

 ^Don't be shy to add some fun quirks like this adorable owl umbrella stand! Here is a similar one for youuu.
What is your Dream House 'E'. I should point out that ensuite washroom for the master is also in the dream house, but this was more fun to brainstorm about :)
xox Tiffany Leigh 

Dream House Alphabet: C

C is for Clawfoot Tub
Alright, so I know that clawfoot tubs aren't the most practical of all bathtubs. I mean, where do you put the shampoo?! But...come on, they are just too gorgeous to resist. My *dream* house  will definitely have a clawfoot tub. Not to wash the kiddies in, just for me to relax in after a long day.
Here are some beautiful inspirational images:
 Which is your fave? Mine is the last one. What would your 'C' be?
 xox Tiffany Leigh