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Selling: Tiffany Leigh Original Abstract Art

 UPDATE: Both paintings are sold. Thank you so much for everyone who e-mailed me with interest in purchasing my work. If you are still interested, I will be taking on custom paintings this summer. Please e-mail me and I will add your name to a list.

Hi loves! In an effort for a bit of a decor switch up, I'm letting go of some of my current apartment swag, including this huge original piece painted by yours truly. This painting is probably my most complimented/asked about/emailed about piece in my entire space, and now it can be yours! The piece measures 24"x48" and was featured on The Everygirl! I thought about keeping it for myself, but can't bear the thought of it in storage!

I'm asking $275 for the piece. This includes shipping within Canada or the US (does not include any duty/brokerage fees that may occur at border). Shipping a piece this big is expensive, so this is a great deal, especially for the size.

Please e-mail me at if interested! First come, first serve.

I also have this other, slightly smaller piece (24"x36") that is so pretty and reminds me of confetti. Asking $240, shipping included for this one:

Can't wait for these pieces to find lovely new homes and to create some new art!

Sarah and Tommy's Gingerbread House: Last Day to Bid

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm sharing an exciting project that I worked on in collaboration with the talented Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe. The design duo partnered with the Children's Aid Foundation and Raghuram Addagada, executive chef at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto, to create one masterpiece of a gingerbread house! I sat down with Sarah and Tommy, who explained their design ideas in detail. I then translated the design into some sketches which were given to the chef in order to build the house. 
 Here is the final result - it turned out so lovely! The dough has even been dyed in Sarah's signature watery palette. The back of the house is open like a dollhouse, showcasing some holiday inspired interior design.
image via @sarahrichardsondesign

The gingerbread house is being auctioned off and today is the last day to bid! The best part is that all proceeds go towards the Children's Aid Foundation, which helps children who have experienced abuse or neglect. The winner will also receive my sketches. This was such a fun project to be included on. Happy Bidding! Click here to go to the auction!

Custom Watercolour Commission: The Fashion Cookbook

I was recently contacted by Patricia and Hannah, the adorably chic founders of The Fashion Cookbook, to help design a watercolour image for their site redesign. The pair wanted me to create something inspired by this image from their home page, with a champagne glass pouring a necklace into a glass filled with rings.

With this inspiration in mind, I painted them this charming little watercolor for their 'contact' page:
I love the final result, the whole renovation of the site looks fabulous and the girls were so lovely to work with. Congrats Hannah and Patricia! I know great things are coming your way.
Be sure to check out The Fashion Cookbook for a daily dose of the ingredients of style.

In my Sketchbook: Living Room by Sarah Richardson Design

As you might have guessed from my post about 3D CAD rendering, I'm at a point in design school where we have moved away from hand rendering and into digital rendering. I love hand rendering, however, and in an effort not to lose this capability, I have started sketching some of my favourite rooms designed by some of my favourite designers.

Today's room was designed by Sarah Richardson and was featured on Sarah 101 a couple of years ago. I have talked about this room before, here and here. It is a space I seem to keep coming back to.
I can't get enough of the palette! For me, it felt only natural to keep rendering skills fresh by illustrating this lovely living room.

image via HGTV

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my sketch book! More to come.

Sophisticated Styling: A Narrow Mantle

Today I'm sharing a seldom seen area of my living situation. I've mentioned before that I live in a student building where I have my own studio-style apartment, complete with living room/bedroom area, large walk in closet, and my own bathroom. My kitchen accommodations, however, are shared with the five other girls living in my building. Beside the kitchen, there is also a small community TV area. 
I was inspired by the mantle (on the non-working fireplace) down there the other day and decided to give it a quick makeover using found items from my apartment. Before, it was covered in junk mail and strange odds and ends such as batteries and a spool of thread. 
It's amazing what a ten minutes of styling can do!

The tricky part about styling a narrow mantle is that you only have a few inches of depth to make it count. This eliminates the possibility of any big, sculptural pieces. Instead, I've chosen to layer leaning art for easy switch-out in an asymmetrical layout to break up the formality of the more traditional fireplace. All of the art pieces used are my original paintings. I've added one small, interestingly shaped vase to the vignette to add some 3 dimensionality and a curvilinear form, and threw a couple decorative match boxes to complete the vignette with a 'lived-in' atmosphere.

Is there an area in your house that could use a little extra styling love?


Watercolor Thank You

If you follow me on instagram, then you might have noticed that I recently collaborated with the lovely and talented Anna With Love on a fun photoshoot! Although I can't tell you what the shoot was for just yet, I can tell you how completely smitten I was with the entire process. Anna is truly skilled at what she does, and made me feel so at ease and comfortable during the shoot. As a thank you, I gifted her the little watercolor doodle above featuring some of the things she loves most (as evidenced by the following snaps from her instagram account):

1. Paris: Anna recently launched her Paris Collection featuring amazing fine art photographs that she took. Just look at all the gloriousness:
image via @annawithlove
2. Pretty Coffee Table Books:
image via @annawithlove
3. Photography (and her little Polaroid Camera):
4. Macaroons: (The girl has made the motto 'Life is Short, Eat Dessert First' a rule I love to live by!)
via @annawithlove
So thankful that this lady has entered my life - this doodle is but a small token of my endless appreciation! Thank you Anna!

Sketch Inspired by Stephanie Sterjovski

A few months ago I did this sketch of my friend Stephanie Sterjovski's place from her feature in The Everygirl, as captured by the photography of Anna with Love.
If you guys aren't following Steph's blog, you should be. She is gorgeous, talented, and has one of the biggest hearts out there. I can't believe I forgot to blog this little rendering!

Here is the shot that the sketch was inspired by:
Photography: Anna with Love, via The Everygirl
Can you get over that black and white striped chair? She found it at Homesense Canada. I adore it!
Happy Wednesday! xox

Bar Cart Sketch

If you follow my Instagram you'll know that I am still constantly drawing, but I just realized that it's been a little while since I shared my artwork here on the blog. Since Wednesday has always been the day I share my drawings with you guys, I figured today would be the perfect time to show you my latest piece. It is drawn with Prismacolor markers, and took about an hour and half to do!

Cheers to being halfway to the weekend!

Watercolour Wednesday's: Shiny Floors

Last term my entire rendering class was done using watercolour, so I have a lot to show you! This week, I'm sharing a practice exercise we did based on page 21 of "Interior Design Illustrated: Marker and Watercolor Techniques" by Christina M. Scalise. This is one of my favourite books that I've had to buy for school.
I love the way this painting turned out and I really feel that the floors look successfully shiny (maybe even a little slippery!). Happy Wednesday.

Term Four Final Project (& Tips for Creating your own Design Boards)

I did it! I survived my fourth project week.
This one was a big one - Each term more is expected of us as our knowledge base grows. I can't believe I'm officially 1/3 done my degree already. How time flies!
Today I thought I would share my final project and some tips for creating professional looking design boards (for all those fellow design students following my blog! xo)
 1. Be consistent. All of your boards should look exactly the same if you were to take all of your images off of them. I like to prepare my boards with a grey background (complimentary to almost anything & allows your work to shine) and a second pop of colour that goes with the scheme of my design. In this case a fresh, minty green.
2.Don't overcrowd your boards. It will overwhelm the viewer and look messy! Also, everything you put on your board should be mounted on a piece of foam core to create dimension and layers. Shout out to the lovely Steph Sterjovski- I used her picture as the perfect 'mint shopper' inspiration!
3. Your first board should always outline your design concept. Use a small group of images & the concept statement. I also like to highlight the three key words that illustrate the feeling I am trying to create with my design.
4. Use a title block at the bottom of each board with your name & class title, board title, and board number.
 5. Your renderings should be the stars of the show. They will pop more if they are surrounded by a black boarder.
 6. Try not to put all of your boards together in one day or by your eighth board things might start getting a little crooked and sloppy (see above ^).

 7. Always dress to match your boards. Just do it.
Warnings: Doing these boards is costly, time consuming, and will result in major 'designer bags'...and not the good kind of designer bags. I'm talking the ones under your eyes here people. Proof is in the pudding:
I'm very proud of how far I've come in one short year!! I can't imagine where I will be when I graduate. This week I am visiting my parents in Waterloo before term 5 starts on October 7th!