Watercolor Thank You

If you follow me on instagram, then you might have noticed that I recently collaborated with the lovely and talented Anna With Love on a fun photoshoot! Although I can't tell you what the shoot was for just yet, I can tell you how completely smitten I was with the entire process. Anna is truly skilled at what she does, and made me feel so at ease and comfortable during the shoot. As a thank you, I gifted her the little watercolor doodle above featuring some of the things she loves most (as evidenced by the following snaps from her instagram account):

1. Paris: Anna recently launched her Paris Collection featuring amazing fine art photographs that she took. Just look at all the gloriousness:
image via @annawithlove
2. Pretty Coffee Table Books:
image via @annawithlove
3. Photography (and her little Polaroid Camera):
4. Macaroons: (The girl has made the motto 'Life is Short, Eat Dessert First' a rule I love to live by!)
via @annawithlove
So thankful that this lady has entered my life - this doodle is but a small token of my endless appreciation! Thank you Anna!

Instagram Giveaway

Yesterday I hit 2000 followers on my Instagram account. This was my instagram goal for the year 2014, so I feel really happy to have surpassed it already! More important than numbers, however, are the amazing connections I've made with so many inspiring, supporting and uplifting people. I feel so blessed by the Instagram community.

Thank you so much to anyone who is following along my journey.
To show my appreciation, I'm hosting a pretty fun giveaway! I will be doing a custom illustration for two lucky winners of a vignette or piece of furniture in their home! Winner can choose either a watercolour or a marker rendering!

To enter, simply head on over to my Instagram and regram any illustration that I have done on my feed, there are lots to choose from! Be sure to tag me (@tiffanyleighid) and hashtag #tiffanyleighcustomgiveaway so I know you've entered the contest!
 Good luck and I can't wait to do some illustrating for the winners!
Both winners will be announced on June 1st!

Watercolor Wednesday

I've been slacking on Watercolor Wednesday the past few weeks and I've been missing it as a de-stresser. Lately I've been feeling very anxious and have been waking up with a sore jaw. Have any of you experienced this? I consulted Dr.Google (I know they advise against this but he gives such great diagnostics and usually leads one to believe they are dying of multiple ailments...I need this heads up!!) and apparently sore jaw in the morning means you are clenching or grinding your teeth at night. I do NOT like the sounds of that one bit. Hopefully the cottage this week will help me relax.

Anyways, I painted this on Monday and woke up considerably less sore on Tuesday. I've said it before, but painting really is a mind clearing process. While it's not a perfect painting, it is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Today's watercolor is inspired by a vignette from the amazingly fierce Kelly Wearstler. Girl kills it EVERY.DAMN.TIME. She is fearless in her designs, and I admire her so much.

Happy Hump Day lovelies!


Watercolor Wednesday: Pretty Living Room

 Today's painting is inspired by one of my favourite living room pictures. I fell in love with Alex from Things that Sparkle's living room when it was featured on The Everygirl a while back. It's so pretty! I love the balance and height that the pink candles and branches add & my favourite detail has got to be that pink ostrich feather pillow!
Hope you are all enjoying your week!

Watercolor Wednesday's: Bookshelf Style

Last night I took a few quick minutes to paint this week's watercolor, inspired by my absolute fave room feature in my Design*Sponge at Home coffee table book.
Michelle Adams's entire apartment stole my heart, and I especially loved the way that she styled her bookshelf! If I ever flip my Expedit the other way, I will be using this picture as a styling guide.
And thank you for all the good lucks yesterday. In case you are wondering, the presentation went wonderfully and the design pitch was a success. I wish I could say more, but at this point it's still confidential! Your support means the world to me! xo

Watercolor Wednesdays: Inspired by The Perfectly Imperfect Home

I'm bringing back Watercolor Wednesdays for two reasons:
1. To bring you guys original content
2. To keep my sanity

There's something so therapeutic about painting and lately I haven't been making the time in my busy schedule to sit down and relax. Now is the time. Ahh, the art of imitation. You know that movie, Julie and Julia? Where Julie tries to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook and then blogs about it? Yeah well this week I'm pulling a Julie and Julia as I attempted to practice my work by reproducing some paintings by Virginia Johnson in one of my favourite coffee table books, 'The Perfectly Imperfect Home':
 ^ Left: Virginia Johnson / Right: Tiffany Leigh
^ Top: Virginia Johnson / Bottom: Tiffany Leigh
^ Top: Virgina Johnson / Bottom: Tiffany Leigh

The reality is I'm nowhere as dedicated as little miss Julie, and won't be painting my way through the whole book, but this was a fun experiment to get back in the swing of things.
From now on, each Wednesday, I am going to paint my interpretation of a photo of a room!
Can't wait to share with y'all. Also, these are the first photos from my new camera. Even though I have no clue what I'm doing, it really does take beautiful shots!

Wednesday's Sketchbook: Foo Dog (in Progress)

 Obviously I'm still mourning the loss of the pair of foo dogs that I left behind.
But, rather than pout in bed I'm using it as inspiration for a little art this week!
He's taking longer than I anticipated because of all the intricate detailing.
Can't believe it's Wednesday already!

Wednesday's Sketchbook: In Case You Missed It

Hi Loves! Just in case you missed my doodle last Wednesday, which I posted over at the lovely Landi's blog Freckled Confessions, I decided to share it here today.
The bar cart is one of my latest design obsessions. You might remember my vintage brass bar cart that I picked up this summer flea market hunting. Check out my post on that HERE for some amazing decor inspiration. I just finished spray painting it beautiful gold today (as it was fairly tarnished) and can't wait to start styling it!
I drew up my little bar cart with my dream accessories. Some I already own, like the decor books and the vintage crystal decanter (another flea market score), some I'm simply lusting after.

Either way, I've put together this little guide of how to achieve the look in your own place:

1. The Perfect Champagne (seen on most of the inspiration bar carts) - Veuve Cliquot
2. Pretty and fresh green limes
3. Coffee Table Books: Domino and Design Sponge at Home
4. Fresh cut peonies in pink
5. Fun striped paper straws
6. Inkblot Print by The Aestate on Etsy
7. Navy Ikat Bowl
8. A pretty glass wine decanter

Create an interesting vignette by incorporating non-alcohol related products such as art.
If you can't find a bar cart at the flea market (or afford one new..they can be a bit pricey) You can use a tray to achieve the same vibe.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday's Sketchbook: A Commissioned Project & Guest Post

Well guys, it's about darn time I share with you my first ever commissioned art project.
I was so thrilled and delighted when Landi of Freckled Confessions contacted me to do a custom doodle of her beautiful self for her new blog design.
After all, she'd never seen me draw a person before (and to be honest, I hadn't drawn a person in a very long time).
But I got straight to work and this is the version we decided on:

Want to see the real Landi for comparison? Well here you are:
Such a gorgeous and amazing girl! So happy to have met and connected with her through blogging.
Now a couple pics of the process and the evolution of the artwork:
Did I mention this was also my first time working with watercolours? 
Here are the three drafts all lined up for comparative purposes.
After Landi styled it for her 'About Me' page this is the final product:
 I love the look! I'm so happy and proud of the way it turned out!
If any of you have a custom doodle in mind, please don't be afraid to contact me!
Today, you can find me Guest Posting over at Freckled Confessions for Landi with a watercolor of a bar cart (one of my current obsessions). I hope you will all check it out HERE and show her some love!