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House & Home

After a decade of being inspired by other people’s places, design photographer Stacey Brandford was finally ready to take the plunge with his own kitchen in Toronto’s East End.

Style Me Pretty

At first glance of this Toronto apartment you would never guess that it was designed on a budget and sprinkled with DIYs. It’s the poster child for turning a rental into a thing of beauty and all masterminded by Tiffany Leigh, blogger and founder of Tiffany Leigh Design.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 10.09.08 PM.png

Rentals are the reality for many (most) of us, and it can feel daunting knowing where to start when it comes to making it your own. Tiffany Piotrowski, designer at Sarah Richardson Design, shares her tips with inspo straight from her own adorable abode.

The Everygirl

When it comes to pursuing her dreams, Tiffany Leigh is a girl after our own hearts. Case in point? After waking up and realizing that nothing would compare to her dream of becoming a full-time interior designer, Tiffany packed her bags and moved to Toronto to pursue her second bachelors degree -- this time in interior design.

A home should be beautiful, functional, and most importantly, reflect the people who live there. It is the backdrop for so many special memories.
— Tiffany Leigh