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Tiffany Leigh Design_Breakfast Nook_full-service design studio based in Ontario, Canada
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While we are best known for our warm and textural perspective on classic design, it is the intentional and deeply personal nature of our client experience that produces that inexplicable feeling of home in every space we create.

Full-Service Design

Full-Service Design is for clients building a home from the ground up or undertaking an extensive renovation. Our approach is grounded in connection and collaboration—resulting in a highly intentional design experience, including planning, sourcing, project management, and turnkey installation for new construction and renovation projects—all informed by an authentic understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations.

Full-Service Decoration

Full-Service Decoration is for clients who want to reimagine their existing home without making structural changes. We apply the same thoughtful attention to detail and artful composition to the furnishings and finishes of your space. These elements are what separates house from home, forming a personal narrative with each old, new, and custom-sourced piece.

One-to-One Consultations

We offer tailored guidance and actionable recommendations to clients through consultations on The Expert, an exclusive virtual platform connecting clients with the world's most influential designers. Tiffany is honoured to be one of the few Canadian designers featured on the platform. Both 25-minute and 55-minute appointments are available and can be used to discuss a range of home-related topics, like color palette selection, floor plans, cabinetry design, and styling.

Tiffany Leigh Design_Living Room_full-service design studio based in Ontario, Canada
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