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Tiffany Leigh Design_Headshot_full-service design studio based in Ontario, Canada

Tiffany Leigh

Principal Designer and Founder

​Tiffany Leigh is best known for her studio’s thoughtfully curated approach to interiors. Her work bridges perennial style and personal meaning—striking an artful balance between purposeful design and each client’s intangible sentiments about home. A TLD space is a composite of elements that resonate with its inhabitants by way of functionality, comfort, and nostalgia. Each one channels her client’s closely held memories, creating an undercurrent of warmth and authenticity.

Tiffany founded her namesake studio in 2019. Since, she has formed a collective of likeminded women who share her belief that every detail matters. She and her team craft bespoke, enduring homes and cottages throughout North America.

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Tiffany Leigh Design_Kitchen Interior_full-service design studio based in Ontario, Canada
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Tiffany Leigh Design is a full-service design studio rooted in connecting experiences with environments. We create homes that evoke contentment through familiarity, ties to heritage, and an aesthetic inspired by memory.

Tiffany Leigh Design_Living Room_full-service design studio based in Ontario, Canada

Attention to detail that nurtures and inspires, with your own narratives of home woven throughout.

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Studio Team

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