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Caught Red Handed

As colour makes its way back into interior design, there is one colour I am reaching for again and again: red. You may have heard of the unexpected red theory in design that has gone viral lately, which suggests that a red item in any room, even if it feels at odds with the scheme, makes the space feel more designed and elevated. We have to admit - this is one theory we can really get behind.

Mary Wadsworth, via Pinterest, Colefax & Fouler

From dramatic burgundy and crimson, to warm terracottas and pinks, I'm finding ways to incorporate the ultimate warm shade into my interiors. I'm currently loving a dramatic brick red textile or rug and a hint of blush wall covering.

My tip: Start small with a pillow case or lampshade and work from there.

Top: Stacie Flinner, Dior FW96 , British Standard Cupboards Bottom: Max Mara, Via Instagram, Beataheuman

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Lious Peral
Lious Peral
3 days ago

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