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Delft Tile

Have you ever felt yourself drawn to something and then you start noticing it everywhere?

This month, Delft Tile has been following me wherever I go, so it was only fair I share my current obsession with you all in the hopes that this beautiful antique tile will find a home with one of you.

Delft pottery, invented in the 1600s and named for the Dutch town in which it originates, was inspired by popular blue and white porcelain coming out of China, differing in that it often depicts Dutch farm life - animals, windmills and workers. These tiles were often used to line fireplaces. Today, Delft tiles have seen a resurgence in the design world and I love the heritage feel they add to a space.

delft tile inspiration, tiffany leigh design
delft tile inspiration, tiffany leigh design

My tips for including Delft Tile in your home:

  1. Do something unexpected: The beauty of using a classical material like Delft tile is you can be creative with the placement of it. Buchanan Studio's designers designed their own home with Delft tile framing a doorway.

  2. Stay on theme: Each tile holds a depiction of animals, landscapes or seascapes. Choosing your tile to reflect your home gives more context to the design i.e seascapes for a beach house, and food depictions in a kitchen.

  3. Go little or large: Whether you want to incorporate a few tiles amongst a plainer wall or want to go all out with a full wall mural, this tile will add a little interest and pattern to your space.

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