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How I'd Host An Outdoor Dinner

When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, it doesn't feel right to eat inside - especially when you have company over. As part of my 'How I Would...' series, I thought I'd do something a little different and take you outside to see how I would host an outdoor dinner party.

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My Al Fresco Dining Tips

Be playful: Being outside means layering patterns, prints and colours that you usually wouldn't inside. (See the cabbage plate below.)

Table Linens: Use tablecloths or lengths of fabric over your outdoor table to make a special moment in a space you use all the time. I have a couple vintage linens from a market in France that I love.

All Growing Things: I like to pull plants in small terra cotta pots to use as centrepieces, this way they can be moved around the garden easily or even moved inside when the dinner is over.

Lighting: Cordless lamps are becoming a real lifesaver in interiors, but moving one or two outside is an easy way to make an instant impact to your table and keep the party going as the sun fades.

Stay Cozy: You don't want your guests to go home early once the temperature drops. Instead, have a few throws on the backs of chairs for people to grab whenever they feel a chill.

A Recipe To Try: Amalfi lemon cream cake

A Drink To Make: Elderflower Cordial

The Dinner Playlist: Garden Party Playlist

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Lious Peral
3 days ago

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