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The Timeless Appeal of Natural Stone: Why We Love Marble

In 2023, I took the time to assess and lean into where I see TLD sitting in the design industry, both now and in the future. One of the goals I have is to encourage my clients and team to use authentic, timeless natural materials in all of our designs.

Marble is such a divisive material here in North America -usually the moment I mention marble, I'm met with concerns about staining, cost and maintenance, however, I find the majority of these concerns can be resolved through education.

Marble and Natural Stone Moodboard

Marble has been used across the world in homes and public spaces for hundreds of years. No two pieces are the same, and it is synonymous with luxury and timelessness. The beauty and variation of authentic natural stone cannot be replicated. As for imperfections? The natural patina of the stone over time tells the story of the people who have lived and loved it. (While I embrace the patina, an annual spray of sealer will help to protect your investment). 


Wine stain? A memory of an amazing dinner party with friends.

A flaw in the counter? A reminder to slow down and not sweat the small stuff.


In addition, new research is shedding light surrounding the health risks of the production and manufacturing of man-made materials such as quartz. TLD aims to source ethically responsible materials so our clients can feel great about the products in their homes and where they come from.


Bringing nature inside through natural stone connects us, grounds us and ultimately makes for a show-stopping and thoughtfully curated home.

Why Natural Stone:

- Appearance, each piece is unique
- Non-toxic and anti-bacterial
-Value, natural stone increases your home's worth
- Heat resistant
-An excellent surface for baking
-Timeless, not only will it never go out of style but with proper care, it will last forever

Our Preferred Natural Stones:

Carrara Marble: One of the most affordable marble option, Carrara marble is known for it's cool grey hue and subtle veining. It looks beautiful in a honed finish paired with warm brown towns.

Calacatta Gold Marble: A larger investment than Carrara, Calacatta is known for it's crisp white background and mixture of caramel and grey veining

Soapstone: A dark grey material, soapstone is a softer stone and requires oiling, but we love how it looks scratched and patina's over time. It gives a classic, Nancy Meyers kitchen aesthetic.

Quartzite: Not to be confused with man-made quartz, quartzite is a great natural alternative to marble. It doesn't stain, etch or scratch the way marble does, but it has a similar look.

Marble Sourcing with Tiffany Leigh Design

Natural Stone Resources:

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Apr 04

Hi there! I'm moving house and the new kitchen has a beautiful stone countertop, however I'm not sure which stone it is. Is there any way I can figure this out so that I know how to care for it?

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