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Our Favourite Brown & Green Paint Colours

It's one of our most frequently asked questions and one of our favourite topics. Just for you, our favourite Brown and Green paint colours all in one place.

Green olive mudroom


By Benjamin Moore

If we had a go-to green for 2023, this would be it. The perfect olive-toned green is seen both in our Alton House Kitchen and Evergreen Mudroom.


By Farrow & Ball
Bancha is the strongest green in our lineup, offering a punchy, grassy hue that still brings calm. I'd love to see this on custom coffee station millwork, or even a vanity.


By Farrow & Ball

A deep, rich, muddy olive with strong brown undertones, inspired by the warming, versatile spice used in dishes around the world. We have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of this shade this year.


By Benjamin Moore

A great light sage green without a blue or teal undertone. We used this in our whimsical Alton House girl's bathroom and it feels simultaneously sweet and sophisticated.


By Farrow & Ball

A fawny grey-brown with a green undertone, inspired by the color of a British field mouse. This one is perfect for a mudroom.


By Farrow & Ball

One of Light & Dwell's favourites, as seen in principal designer Molly's kitchen below. Broccoli Brown is the effortless brown favoured by interior designers everywhere, perfect for anywhere from kitchens to dining rooms. Extra points if paired with a contrasting cool toned carrara marble.


By Farrow & Ball

The most dramatic tone in our lineup, Mahogany is the deep purple-toned brown of a heritage kitchen. With red coming back in a big way, we couldn't resist this rich tone.


By Farrow & Ball

Salon Drab is one of those shapeshifting colours that can appear brown in the morning and greener in the evening. It's the perfect contemporary chocolate brown with khaki green undertones, ideal for a powder room—even the ceiling.

Green floral border

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Dhruv Garg
Dhruv Garg
6 days ago

I like it. Love to read.

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