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How I Would Design A Powder Room

Powder rooms are a small space that you don't spend a great deal of time in, so they are the perfect spot to get a little bit adventurous and push your creative boundaries. I like to think of them like small jewel boxes were you can have a bit of fun - whether it be through colour, pattern, materiality (or all of the above), and give your guests something to smile about while visiting.

A powder room moodboard

Stone sink - I love the idea of an antique stone vessel sink in a powder room, something a little bit unexpected and less practical, as it's not as hard-working of a sink as say, where you brush your teeth. Storage is also less crucial in a powder room space so a floating sink works well.

Vintage Mirror - I like a vintage mirror, typically wood framed. I usually go a bit undersized in the powder room. Bonus points if the glass is a little bit wonky or spotted.

Vintage Sconces - Sconces are best on either side of the mirror if you have room as that provide the most flattering light. Be sure to switch them separately, as it's nice to have a bit of a 'glow' coming from the powder room when entertaining by having the overhead light switched off and only the sconces turned on. Since you don't need strong light for applying make up in a powder room, we love sconces with shades or vintage Murano glass options.

Floor - We typically run the home's hardwood right into the powder room for a warmer feel. People often worry about hardwood in spaces with plumbing, but the powder room is a splash free zone (to be honest, I'll use it in any bathroom space).

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Concrete Architects
Concrete Architects
May 15

Your input has been incredibly helpful.

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