You Killed Our Love Fern

Chase Booth's Bathroom via Domino Book of Decorating
I remembered reading in Domino the following useful bit of information about ferns:
And I thought to myself hmmm...I'm not much of a gardener.
Then one day I was out at the grocery store and spotted the Charlie-Brown-Christmas-Tree version of all ferns and felt the need to save it and show it some loving! And I had a new bathroom with a big window, it was like it was meant to be.
Here is the (giant) tub and window in my rental...The finishes are generic, but it's super nice for a rental and only a few years old, so I'm not going to complain. Ever.
You can see my mini fern sitting there in the corner. Sometimes I stick him in the window like this:
Here's hoping I don't kill him.
Also..he needs a new pot. I'm sensing a DIY project in my near future. Maybe a DIY leopard print pot?

Window treatments probably aren't in the budget for my mini bathroom project, but I'm thinking I'd like to hang some art on the walls on either side of the window. Maybe some botanical prints to keep the fern company? Any thoughts?

Lastly, sorry about the later than usual post today guys, I'm on the part time job hunt so I can afford design school and this lil apartment and let's just say so's been discouraging at best.