My Style via Instagram

I'm no fashion blogger but I do put some effort into what I wear. I don't have anyone to take actual post photos of my outfits, but if you are curious about my sense of style you can always follow me on instagram! Here is a look at some of my recent spring looks:
1. I bought this dalmation dress from H&M in the fall, and I am so happy to finally get to wear it without tights. It looks so much cuter this way in my opinion
2. My pleated blush maxi skirt from Forever 21 is better than I even imagined.
3. Jewels from Love Obsessed...Can't wait to wear these beauties. Just need the right occasion.
4. All about the contrast with florals, chambray and jewels!

What are your go to spring looks? And don't forget to follow me on instagram! xo