Wednesday's Sketchbook: The Wishbone Chair

I saw this image on A Newfound Treasure a few weeks ago, and can't seem to get it out of my head! I love the painting, and don't even get me started on that pretty gold wishbone!
Get your own HERE.
 These wishbones got me thinking about another home decor item that I simply can't resist:
Hans J. Wegner's iconic wishbone chair (I gave a brief history in this post).
 So I doodled one up on a scrap of paper for y'all. 
It just struck me....I totally should have drawn this baby up in GOLD. How amazing would a gold leafed wishbone chair be?! Just tried googling it but didn't find one! I can imagine it though, and oh how good it is.
ps. As I write up this post I've been listening to songs from Les Mis. I'm a huge musical fan and am getting pretty pumped for the movie! Anyone else?